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About Us Sunday, July 14th 2024

Originally known as D.R.C. the "Digital Raingauge Company" was established in 1973 to supply a wide range of meteorological equipment to the farming industry and other related businesses. Soon manufacturing expanded in to other areas of electronic and electrical assembly such as medical, automotive and the utility industries.

Whilst the company has continued to grow, a system of "teamwork" has been developed enabling our staff to understand the part that we all play in ensuring our customers requirements are satisfied. With a policy of continual assessment of our procedures and workmanship we are confident that we offer a service that customers can rely on.

Further development of the business has resulted in a move to larger premises that will allow the company to progress further. Our continued success is based on offering our customers what they want, when they want; a service that is destined to continue.

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Giving Customers What they want, When they want it.